Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Triple H vs. The Rock (Action Figures)

When I was young, toys were a huge staple of my childhood.  Specifically action figures.  Batmans, Spidermans and Space Jams were just a few of the action figures I owned.  I had one specific passion when it came to action figures though.

I loved wrestling action figures.

I went all out too.  I had the wrestling ring, the Titan-Tron entrance with music, weapons and a large selection of wrestlers to pick from.

These things were the focus of my life for a long time.  I went as far as creating my own Federation and logging my wrestler's wins and losses in a notebook.  I'd create a list of matches I'd perform for the upcoming weeks.  Sometimes I'd even go as far and have them act out little skits and sketches, just like in "real-life" wrestling.

One day my cousin Cory was over and we were playing with the action figures.  It was a World Championship match (the belts were handmade out of paper of course) between Triple H and The Rock.
Triple H
The Rock

The Rock started out strong, gaining HUGE momentum for the crowd.  The fans hated Triple H after all.  Soon enough The Rock had Triple H down on the mat ready to deliver the ever-so-feared People's Elbow.  The crowd (aka Cory and myself) were going nuts.  But then just as The Rock was bringing down his elbow, Triple H dodged it!

Triple H took control of the match.  He was beating The Rock all the way around the ring.  Soon enough he had him up on the turnbuckle and suplexed him right onto the mat!  Triple H went in for the pin.  1..2..3!! The match was over and Triple H was the World Champion!

But that didn't go over well with my cousin.

"Little does Triple H know, he has another match for the title right now!" he exclaimed.  "Against Cory the Giant!"

My cousin then got up and stepped into the ring.  He put all of his weight onto his foot and CRACK!

My ring was ruined.  I taped it up hoping it would help, but that ring was never the same. 

Moral of the story? Don't let your cousin play with your toys.  He'll ruin them.

I eventually got creative and found ways that I could play with the toys without the ring.  We had a laundry hole in our bathroom closet.  It was a great place to throw clothes down to the washing area.  It was also a great place to have the wrestlers throw their opponents down.

Aaah, the memories.  I keep looking up pictures of these wrestling rings and it makes me want to go find a new one and relive those memories all over again.

Anyone have any toys that they remember from their childhood?  Specifically from the 90's?  I know there's a ton out there, and I will more than likely be covering some other toys of the time later on.

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  1. You had the titantron? Way cool!

    I didn't have any action figures, but I'd play with my friends'. I always wanted Transformers toys but I could never get them to transform properly.

    I was a big fan of mini sticks. I was always goalie.