Friday, February 3, 2012

The Worst Sport's Uniforms of the 90's

I've been feeling sporty lately, and decided to find some of the most horrendous sport uniforms from the 90's.  They go from bad, to worse, to flat out ugly.  Take a peek, and I hope you enjoy.

NHL - New York Islanders - Mid 90's

 This gem comes from the New York Islanders from the mid 90's.  I don't know where to start.  Okay, let's start here:

It's common for logos to be intimidating.  In all likely hood, it's never going to throw a professional athlete off their game though.  They don't go into the arena saying "Oh man, they must be good.  They've got a badass and scary looking caricature on their jersey.  We're going to lose."

Regardless, it gives the teams brand a good image and one that their fans can be proud of.  However this one doesn't help the Islanders look at all.  First of all, the bottom stripes look like something that my one year old cousin would be able to draw.  I'm sure any graphic designer would make a comment on the colors.  Something like "What were they smoking?"

NHL - Anaheim Mighty Ducks - 95-96
All I can really say is.....What?  This is the reason why teams try to brand themselves as looking intimidating, because if you throw all caution (and thought for that matter) to the air, this is what the final product looks like.

NBA - Denver Nuggets - 1981 - 1993

This is a long time to have a jersey like this.  I'm not exactly sure what the rainbows represent.

And here's some more for your enjoyment!

This last one isn't from the 90's but it deserves a mention, because's just plain bad.

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