Friday, January 27, 2012

Giga pets: I always killed them

Oh the Giga pet.  This was likely most 90's child's first experience of "responsibility" for lack of a better word.

Young and prosperous one day...dead the next.
I don't know about you, but I found these things impossible to take care of.  They were cute and fun to play with.  It's no wonder they were so popular with kids too.  Parents could either get a dog or a cat and spend hundreds of dollars on vet bills, food, litter, etc or they could spend 20 dollars on one of these to entertain the children.

They were pretty cool.

Except I couldn't keep them alive for more than a few days.  

The toys needed so much attention.  My first and only one was a dinosaur that you would raise from an egg up until about day four before it would die and the process would start all over again.  

They were interesting toys that taught children about death too.  If anything I think this scared me more than anything.  I figured all pets, electronic or real, only had a life span of a few days.  How horrific would that be?

I used to play hockey and remember some of the guys on my team would bring their giga pets to the bench with them.  Now that's commitment.  The bloody things needed food or a walk every two minutes anyway.  Hockey and Giga pets seemed to be a perfect fit since players were on and off the bench every few minutes anyway.

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  1. I remember once I left mine alone for a day or so, and there were all these piles of fuming poo, and my pet was so sick and hungry. What an awful feeling!